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Dementia Caregivers Bundle

Kickstart your caregiving journey with the Dementia Caregivers Bundle: an invaluable collection of tools and resources designed to boost your well-being and simplify your caregiving tasks, all for just €14 with instant access!


Book: Reinvigorated Caregivers

Empower your caregiving with "Reinvigorated Caregivers," the #1 bestseller in Dementia Care! Dr. Naomi guides you through seven transformative ways to excel in caring for someone with dementia, ensuring you can handle every challenge with confidence and care.


Dementia Care Mastery

The Ultimate Mastery Program for Caregivers

The ultimate program for caregivers, health professionals, and families. Led by Dr. Naomi, this program offers expert education and practical strategies to tackle dementia care challenges confidently. Transform your caregiving and enrich livesβ€”join now and excel in dementia care!


Medication Review

Streamline and optimize your loved one's medication regimen with Dr. Naomi's Medication Review. This straightforward process includes uploading medication details, completing a questionnaire, and receiving expert evaluations and personalized video insights from Dr. Naomi. Gain the confidence and knowledge to discuss medication adjustments effectively with your healthcare provider, all designed to enhance well-being and peace of mind.


The Caregiver's Compass

Experience personalized, expert support with Dr. Naomi's Dementia Caregiver Coaching: a transformative 6-month journey offering one-on-one empowerment calls and unlimited access for immediate adviceβ€”because every caregiver deserves a guiding hand and a listening ear. Sign up now for a breakthrough in your caregiving experience!


Elevate your loved one's health journey with a personalized medication review for optimized well-being


Revive & Thrive

Rediscover Joy, Reduce Stress, and Reclaim Life 

An empowering e-book designed exclusively for dedicated caregivers like you. In these pages, I share not only scientifically-proven strategies but also personal insights gained from my own burnout experience. 

Clear Minds, Steady Feet

Your Essential Guide to Medication Management for Older Adults

Ready to turn medication confusion into medication confidence? Download "Clear Minds, Steady Feet" and take the first step towards safer caregiving.

Meal Planning Made Easy

βœ… Make meal planning a breeze and get you on the path to success. 
βœ… Learn how to prepare and cook meals in advance for a stress-free week.  
βœ… Includes nutritious, delicious, and easy-to-follow recipes.
βœ… Tips on how to stay motivated and inspired throughout your meal-planning journey. 
βœ… Learn how to create a personalized meal plan that fits your unique lifestyle and dietary needs.

Stress Relief Strategies

The Ultimate Guide to Managing Stress

Stress isn't always so easily avoided, but when you uncover the top tips to effectively managing stress before it affects your life, you'll never struggle with stress and anxiety overload again!

7 Healthy Habits

Nurturing Well-Being for a Vibrant Life

Inside this guide, you'll discover essential habits specifically tailored for dementia caregivers. From self-care practices to emotional resilience and healthy lifestyle habits, each habit is accompanied by actionable steps to help you integrate them into your daily routine.

5 Amazing Hacks for Better Sleep

βœ… tips on what foods to help you control your sleeping habits
βœ… an eye-opening understanding of how sleeping works
βœ… regain your 8 hours of sleep
βœ… have days packed with productivity that will make you feel both empowered and fulfilled


5-Day Gratefullness Challenge

5 quick and simple ways to reduce caregiver stress through gratitude

I know being grateful can be tough while giving care since you are just rushing around. But it's so important to feel grateful since it will make you happy and gives you energy. So I created this challenge to dramatically increase your gratefulness and happiness in only 5 days.

In case we haven't met...

I'm Doctor Naomi, and I'm honored to be your companion on the caregiving journey, a path that I truly understand. As a former caregiver and working as an MD,  I've walked the challenging road alongside two beloved grandmothers who battled Alzheimer's.

This personal experience has fueled my dedication to crafting holistic solutions. With a background as an integrative general practitioner from the Netherlands and as an author of the best-selling book "Reinvigorated Caregivers," I bring a unique blend of medical expertise and firsthand understanding to the table.

I know firsthand the complexities of managing multiple medications and how it can impact your loved one's well-being. That's why I'm passionate about offering personalized medication review – a way to ensure your loved one's health is optimized and their journey is supported.

My mission is simple: to furnish you with information, tools, a supportive community, and the motivation to incorporate wellness practices into your daily life.

Let's navigate the path to optimal health, armed with knowledge, empathy, and a shared understanding of the caregiving landscape. πŸŒŸπŸŒ»

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