Happy Gut, Healthy You Coaching Program

Imagine kissing goodbye to…

digestive pain, belly bloat, food sensitivities, toxic weight gain,
brain fog, and exhaustion. Give me 12 weeks, and I will help get you there!

It’s time to restore your gut… 

Introducing the Happy Gut, Healthy You 12-week program

Did you know that the health of your gut will make or break your overall health?
You heard me right—if your gut health is wonky,
every system and organ in your body will be just as shaky.

So, if you are suffering from these:
  • Digestive pain and belly bloat
  • Poor sleep
  • Gluten and lactose sensitivities
  • Skin issues
  • Extra pounds
  • Hormonal imbalances & PMS
  • Feelings of lethargy
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Brain fog
  • Irritability
  • Auto-immune diseases
Yep… you can most likely chalk that all up to poor gut health. All these symptoms are your body’s way of telling you it’s time for a change.
A balanced gut leads to balanced health; it's as simple as that.

Hi I’m Dr Naomi

My own struggles with gut issues, asthma, allergies, depression, and a range of other challenges, including hormonal imbalances and constant illness, led me down a path of extensive research and self-discovery. As a medical doctor and GP, I realised that conventional approaches were not enough. This journey wasn't just about me; it was about finding solutions for others like you, who are struggling with similar issues. My program is born from a blend of professional expertise and personal empathy, designed to address the unique needs of your gut health.
As a medical doctor, I became disillusioned with the quick fixes conventional medications often promised—treatments that seemed to address symptoms rather than the root cause, leading to side effects without real healing. This spurred my quest for a more genuine path to wellness, guiding me towards the transformative power of gut health. I'm on a mission to ditch the band-aid solutions, focus on real gut health, and help people live their best lives with fewer meds and doctor visits.

I’m here to show you, over the course of 12 weeks, how to reclaim the health and vitality you deserve.

Miracle cures and quick fixes? They don't work long-term. Ever. Especially when it comes to the health of your body’s second brain - your gut. And the truth is that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to your gut either!

Ready to live that #healthylifestyle for real? Let's do this!

Health radiates from within; cultivate a healthy gut for radiant well-being.
Happy Gut, Healthy You Coaching Package

  • 3 Personalised One-on-One Coaching Sessions (45-60 minutes)
  • 12 Module In-Depth Courses
  • Weekly Live Q&As
  • Monthly Live Webinars
  • 3 Months of Curated Recipes
  • Comprehensive Pantry List
  • Weekly Suggested Meals
  • 1x extra Personalised One-on-One Coaching Session (45-60 minutes)
  • Unlimited Email / WhatsApp Coaching for the first month
  • Food Mood Poop Journal Analysis
  • Extended Program Access:
    • 3 years of access to the vault with modules, recipes, etc.
    • 1-year access to the LIVE Q&As and monthly webinars.
Let’s reverse your medical problems naturally and holistically!

€997 (or 3x €350)!  (Before: €1,197)
It’s time to invest in yourself! Are you ready?

Your gut health directly impacts your overall well-being, making a healthy gut essential for a healthy you.

Discover the 12 transformative modules of Happy Gut, Healthy You

I Know There’s No One Magic Cure For Anyone…..
Especially when it comes to your gut health.

 That’s why I’ve designed a program to help you learn which foods SERVE your unique body
and which foods HARM you, just because it’s “healthy”, doesn’t mean it’s the right food for you.
For example — those hard-boiled eggs you love?
Could be the source of your loose stools. Fabulous, isn’t it?

That green roughage you’ve been chowing down on?
This could be the reason your stomach is always in cramp mode.

Those powdered “health” shakes you drink?
Could be loading your body up with harmful bacteria and chemicals.

 But don’t worry…I have the solution for you.

 The best part?
It’s all inside this one phenomenal program.

Here's what you'll find inside the program

It is time to invest in yourself
It’s time to start feeling better today!

I promise you this:

  • You will not starve.
  • You will not be deprived
  • You will thrive!

Let’s improve your health!

€1497 €997 (or 3 monthly payments of €350)

.....Every journey, needs a first step.....


12 Module In-Depth Course: Explore everything from the gut microbiome to food sensitivities.
Live Webinars & Q&As: Interactive sessions filled with insights and practical advice.
3 Months of Curated Recipes: Enjoy a variety of gut-friendly recipes, carefully selected for optimal health.
Comprehensive Pantry List: Know exactly what to stock for a gut-healthy kitchen.
Weekly Suggested Meals: Take the guesswork out of meal planning with weekly guides.
BONUS 1: 3 + 1x 45-60 Minutes Personalised Coaching Sessions: tailored to your unique health needs. 
BONUS 2: Food Mood Poop Analysis: Submit your food diary for personalised feedback and recommendations by me.
BONUS 3: Unlimited Email / WhatsApp Coaching for the first month
BONUS 4: Extended Program Access: 3 years of access to the vault with modules, recipes etc and 1 year of access to the Live Q&As and monthly webinars.
Resource Toolkit: Access to daily protocols, shopping lists, and more for a seamless experience.

Let’s Get This Adventure Started! 
€1497 €997
It’s Time To Invest In Yourself!

Got questions before you get started?

We've got answers!

What exactly is the 'Happy Gut, Healthy You' program?
This is a comprehensive 12-week program designed to improve your gut health through personalised coaching, an in-depth course, live webinars, curated recipes, and more.
Who is this program for?
It's for anyone experiencing gut health issues such as bloating, food sensitivities, or digestive discomfort, or anyone looking to improve their overall well-being through better gut health.
How is this program different from other gut health programs?
Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, this program offers personalised coaching with Dr. Naomi and is tailored to your unique health needs. It combines my medical expertise with practical, everyday solutions.
What if I have specific dietary needs or restrictions?
The program is designed to be flexible and can be tailored to accommodate various dietary needs and restrictions, ensuring it works for you.
How much time will I need to dedicate to this program each week?
While it varies, you should plan for a few hours each week to engage with the course materials, participate in coaching sessions, and implement the strategies.
Can I participate in the program if I have a busy schedule?
Absolutely! I understand the challenges of a busy lifestyle, which is why this program is crafted with flexibility in mind. The coaching sessions are adaptable to your schedule, ensuring they fit seamlessly into your life. Plus, all the resources and materials are presented in bite-sized, easily digestible formats. This means you can progress at your own pace, making it manageable even for the busiest of schedules. You'll find that improving your gut health can be both effective and convenient!
What kind of support will I receive during the program?
You'll receive one-on-one coaching, access to live webinars, and email support. Plus, you'll be part of a community where you can share experiences and tips.
Is there a refund policy?
The "Happy Gut, Healthy You" program operates on a no-refund policy. This approach is rooted in a commitment to your success and transformation. We believe that a guarantee can sometimes be an unintended escape route for those not fully ready to commit to their health journey.

This program is for action-takers, for those ready to embrace change and actively participate in their own health improvement. It's packed with value, but the key to unlocking this value lies in your hands – through engagement, asking questions, utilising the coaching calls, and implementing the strategies provided.

I assure you, that throughout these 12 weeks, "Happy Gut, Healthy You" will offer all the necessary tools, support, and guidance to significantly improve your gut and overall health. But it requires your active involvement, focus, and trust in the process.

By showing up, getting involved, and taking consistent action, you're not just participating in a program; you're embarking on a journey of real and lasting transformation. If you're ready to commit, I'm here to guide you every step of the way towards achieving remarkable results and celebrating your success.
How do the live webinars & Q&A work?
Our live webinars and Q&As are dynamic, interactive sessions hosted on Zoom, a user-friendly online meeting platform. These webinars are designed to deepen your understanding of gut health, offering valuable insights and the opportunity for real-time engagement. You can actively participate by asking questions and sharing experiences, making each session a truly collaborative learning experience.

To ensure they fit into your schedule, all webinars are scheduled well in advance, and you'll receive timely reminders so you can plan accordingly. The plan is one week Tuesday at 10:00h AMS/9 AM UK time, the other week Thursday 20h AMS / 7 PM UK time.

These sessions are a vital part of the "Happy Gut, Healthy You" program, providing a space for direct interaction, support, and personalised advice.
What happens after the 12 weeks?
Upon completing the 12-week "Happy Gut, Healthy You" program, you'll be equipped with a comprehensive set of tools and knowledge to sustain and further your gut health journey independently. But the support doesn't end there. You'll retain ongoing access to all the program modules, recordings and curated recipes in the vault, ensuring you can continue to benefit from these resources long after the program concludes.

Additionally, for a full year following the program, you have the opportunity to further enrich your journey. You can opt for additional one-on-one coaching sessions with me or participate in our group classes. This extended support is designed to help you solidify your habits, address new challenges, and continue your progress towards optimal gut health and overall well-being.
How do I sign up for the program?
Just click the link and pay or simply book your free 20-minute strategy session here to get started, and we'll guide you through the next steps.
Can I access the program materials after the 12 weeks are over?
Yes, you'll have access to all the program materials for 3 years even after the program ends, so you can revisit them anytime.
Copyright Dr. Naomi Dongelmans