I help you to go from burnout to a breakthrough. I will walk you through what you need, to reclaim your energy, time, happiness and health, so you can give care with ease AND have time for things you love to do.

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Hello I'm Dr Naomi
From my teenage years caring for my mum and witnessing my grannies' battle with Alzheimer's, I observed firsthand the struggles of dementia caregivers, both within my family and in my medical practice as a general practitioner in the Netherlands.

Burnout hit me three years ago, serving as a profound wake-up call, especially for someone who could once move mountains. I realised that if this could happen to me, it could happen to any caregiver. That was when I desired a change - not only for myself but for every hardworking caregiver who felt like they were running on empty.

My search for rejuvenation led me to understand that true healing wasn't about working harder but aligning more closely with oneself.

This personal alignment became the foundation of my caregiver's toolkit, designed to help busy dementia caregivers avoid burnout.

Today, I live authentically, focusing on genuine joy. I'm not just more energetic, but I'm living authentically. No more pretences, no more trying to juggle everything at once. Now, I'm on a mission to help other caregivers find this same sense of balance and happiness. Through my coaching business, I offer tools for prevention and a vision of what life can be when one is aligned with one’s true self.

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