The #1 Bestseller in Dementia Care

Is caring taking over your life and the lives around you?

In this book, you'll get effective caregiving advice for people diagnosed with dementia. As a caregiver, you'll be better equipped to make informed decisions to meet the challenges and responsibilities of caring Γ‘nd avoiding burnout and reducing stress.

Content of the book
Our best-selling book has helped countless caregivers find new ways to cope with the challenges of caring for someone with dementia. Valued at €27, this book is a must-read for anyone who wants to feel empowered and supported on their caregiving journey.

Some things you'll learn:

🧠Communicate better with the person with dementia and experience less frustration.

🧠 Regulate sleep better.

🧠 Make the living environment safer.

🧠 Use the positive effects of food, exercise, music, and light.

🧠 And much more...


People worldwide are eager to hear from Dr. Naomi for one simple reason: 
they’re extremely interested in knowing what she knows.

Reinvigorated Caregivers + Bonuses

βœ… Best-seller book Reinvigorated Caregivers (valued at €27)
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βœ… BONUS 1: Manage Difficult Behaviour Like a Pro Roadmap (valued at €17)
βœ… BONUS 2: Caregiver Affirmation Colouring e-Book (valued at €19)
βœ… BONUS 3: Calming Meditations (valued at €29)

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What other caregivers say:

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Caregiving can be tough. The book can help you to be stronger, more sure about yourself and more skilled.

Dr. Naomi uses humour in her book, and it’s a quick read, to the point and written from the heart.

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Health, wellness & dance by Dr. Naomi 
Naomi Dongelmans, GP (integrative MD) 
Albufeira, Portugal 

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