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Caring for a loved one with dementia can be a challenging and emotionally taxing journey. As an MD, bestselling author, and former caregiver, I understand the immense stress and isolation of navigating the healthcare system while providing compassionate care. Drawing from my personal experiences and expertise, I am here to empower you with a comprehensive guide to incorporating joyful activities into dementia caregiving. By engaging in uplifting activities tailored to your loved one's interests and abilities, you can create moments of joy, reduce stress, and foster a positive and stimulating environment.

Understanding Dementia

Dementia is a progressive neurological disorder that affects memory, cognitive function, and behaviour. As an MD, I have witnessed firsthand how this condition can impact not only the individual with dementia but also their caregivers. The challenges caregivers face can range from managing the person's symptoms to coping with emotional and behavioural changes. It is crucial to comprehend the nature of dementia to provide effective and compassionate care.

The Power of Joyful Activities

Joyful activities play a pivotal role in dementia care. Engaging individuals with dementia in these activities can have a profound impact on their overall well-being. As an MD, I advocate for the transformative effects of joyful activities, which include:

  1. Improving Mood: Joyful activities trigger positive emotions and enhance the person's sense of happiness and contentment.
  2. Reducing Anxiety: Dementia can often lead to anxiety and agitation. Joyful activities can act as a calming and soothing influence.
  3. Stimulating Cognitive Function: Certain activities can stimulate cognitive abilities, memory recall, and problem-solving skills.
  4. Fostering Social Interaction: Engaging in group activities can promote social connections and reduce feelings of isolation.

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Choosing the Right Activity

Selecting the appropriate activities for individuals with dementia requires understanding their preferences and capabilities. Focusing on enjoyment rather than achievement and tailoring activities to their specific needs is essential. Here are some practical guidelines:

  1. Build on Current Skills: Choose activities that align with the person's existing abilities and interests. Avoid activities that may lead to frustration due to declining skills.
  2. Encourage Involvement in Daily Life: Everyday tasks like setting the table, wiping countertops, and emptying wastebaskets can provide a sense of accomplishment and purpose.
  3. Relate Activity to Work Life: Incorporate activities that resonate with the person's past profession or hobbies. Former office workers may enjoy organizing tasks, while farmers may find joy in gardening.
  4. Look for Favorites: Identify activities the person has always enjoyed and incorporate them into their routine, even if they can no longer fully comprehend the content, like reading the newspaper.
  5. Change Activities as Needed: Be flexible and adapt activities as the person's interests and abilities change over time. Introduce more repetitive tasks as the disease progresses.

Consider Your Approach

As an MD and caregiver, I understand the significance of the caregiver's approach in ensuring a positive experience for the individual with dementia. Here are some valuable tips:

  1. Offer Support and Supervision: Demonstrate activities step-by-step and provide gentle guidance and encouragement.
  2. Focus on the Process, Not the Result: Emphasize the joy and time spent together during the activity rather than the outcome.
  3. Be Flexible: Respect the person's preferences and allow them to do activities in their own way.
  4. Be Realistic and Relaxed: Avoid overloading the person's schedule with activities. Balance activities with rest and relaxation.
  5. Help Get the Activity Started: Many individuals with dementia have the desire to engage in activities but may struggle to initiate tasks. Assist as needed.
  6. Break Activities into Simple Steps: Focus on one step at a time to prevent overwhelming the person with multiple directions.
  7. Assist with Difficult Parts of the Task: Support challenging aspects of the activity while encouraging them to engage in other parts.
  8. Let the Individual Know He or She is Needed: Involve the person in activities by asking for their help, but be mindful not to place too many demands on them.
  9. Make the Connection: Relate activities to meaningful events or memories to increase interest and engagement.
  10. Encourage Self-Expression: Include activities that provide opportunities for self-expression, such as painting, drawing, or listening to music.

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A Sample Daily Plan

Creating a daily plan that incorporates joyful activities can make each day more fulfilling for both the individual with dementia and the caregiver. Here is a sample plan:


  • Enjoy a leisurely breakfast together, reminiscing about favorite breakfast items.
  • Engage in light stretching exercises or a short walk in the garden to promote physical activity and a connection with nature.


  • Participate in reminiscence activities using old photographs and objects to evoke memories and spark conversation.
  • Listen to their favorite music or play musical instruments to stimulate positive emotions and encourage reminiscence.


  • Prepare a simple lunch together, involving the individual in meal preparation and fostering a sense of accomplishment.


  • Explore art therapy by encouraging drawing, painting, or crafting activities, promoting creativity and self-expression.
  • Work on a puzzle or play a memory-enhancing game to stimulate cognitive function and problem-solving skills.

Late Afternoon

  • Take a relaxing stroll in a nearby park or garden to provide sensory stimulation and trigger positive memories.
  • Share stories from their past, allowing them to share memories and engage in meaningful conversations.


  • Engage in calming activities such as listening to soothing music or reading a book together to wind down before bedtime.
  • Prepare for bedtime and ensure a comforting and soothing environment to promote restful sleep.

Ten Tips for Activities at Home (Including a Bonus Tip!)

These things helped me a lot. Try these practical tips for incorporating joyful activities into your daily routine:

1. Create a Memory Bottle/Jar Together

Gather cherished memories by creating a delightful memory bottle or jar with your loved one. Fill it with pictures, funny anecdotes, and special notes to revisit those precious moments whenever you wish. It's a wonderful way to spark conversations and cherish cherished memories.

2. Facilitate Virtual Visits

Bring the world closer to your loved one by organizing virtual visits with friends or family. Connecting with loved ones through video calls can uplift spirits, reduce feelings of isolation, and create heartwarming moments of joy.

3. Plan a Theme Night Extravaganza

Ignite excitement with theme nights that celebrate their favourite movies or cherished memories. Create a magical movie night extravaganza with beloved films, popcorn, and cosy blankets. It's a captivating way to relive fond memories and create new ones.

4. Cultivate an Indoor Garden Oasis

Embark on a gardening adventure together with an indoor garden oasis. Plant easy-to-care-for herbs and plants, fostering a soothing and sensory-rich environment. Nurturing plants can symbolize the love and care you provide.

5. Bake Heartfelt Memories

Whisk up joyous moments in the kitchen as you bake together. Involve your loved one in measuring, stirring, and savouring delicious treats. The sweet aroma of baking will create lasting memories and fill your home with warmth.

6. Unleash Creative Expression

Set up an arts and crafts haven, inviting your loved one to explore their creative side. From painting to crafting, the process of self-expression is therapeutic and heartwarming.

7. Flow with Gentle Exercise

Boost their physical and emotional well-being with gentle exercises or yoga. Engaging in light activities can improve mood, flexibility, and overall health, making each day more enjoyable.

8. Dive into Sensory Bliss

Indulge their senses with sensory activities like aromatherapy or tactile games. Immerse them in a world of relaxation and delight, stimulating their senses and igniting joyful feelings.

9. Game On, Fun On

Rev up the excitement with board and card games suitable for their cognitive abilities. Game nights offer a perfect opportunity for bonding and laughter, creating a treasure trove of beautiful memories.

10. Embrace Nature's Embrace

Breathe in the beauty of nature together with outdoor activities. Whether gardening or taking short walks, nature's embrace fosters tranquillity and triggers cherished reminiscences.

Bonus Tip: A Memory Bottle to Seal Love Forever!

Incorporate the bonus tip to create an enchanting memory bottle or jar, capturing the essence of your loved one's journey through life. Fill it with photographs, heartwarming quotes, and delightful trinkets that symbolize the unforgettable moments you've shared. The memory bottle becomes a tangible reminder of your unwavering love and the cherished memories etched in your hearts forever.


As an MD, caregiver, and advocate for dementia caregivers, I believe in the power of joyful activities to bring happiness and reduce stress. By incorporating uplifting and meaningful activities into daily routines, caregivers can enhance the well-being of their loved ones and find joy in the caregiving journey. Remember to prioritize enjoyment, foster self-expression, and adapt activities as needed to create moments of happiness for both you and your loved one. Through compassion, creativity, and understanding, you can empower yourself as a dementia caregiver and provide the love and care your loved one deserves throughout their journey with dementia.

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