Work with Dr. Naomi

Empowering 100.000 caregivers to achieve a healthier and happier life & reduce the risk of dementia by 80%.


Doctor Naomi is available for:

  • Interviews
  • Lecturing
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Articles
  • Guest speaker roles

On specific topics about:

  • Dementia
  • Prevention, stress & microbiome
  • Health, fitness & lifestyle

For all press and media inquiries, message me directly at or send a request here.

Are you looking for a guest speaker or workshop for your event?

Looking for a guest speaker?

I have been a speaker at home and abroad for many years. In addition, I give guest lectures/presentations on dementia, informal care, burnout and prevention for companies, seminars, and health and business conferences.

I always speak from my years of experience as a general practitioner and experience expert. This way, I can tell you precisely WHAT works well (knowledge), but also HOW it works (practice) and  WHY it works (the psychology behind it).

Our rates are:

€ 5.000 for a lecture of about 1 hour
Excluding VAT, including preparation for consultation and travel costs.

Looking for a workshop?
During the workshops, you will get to work with Positive Health for Dementia, and you learn how to instantly lower your stress level. This is an excellent introduction to practical applicability.

Our rates are:

€ 7.500 for a workshop of about 2 hours
Excluding VAT, including preparation for consultation and travel costs.

Discover the topics of the lectures and workshops

Happy caregiver

From stressed out to relaxed. Learn the differences between stress, overload and burnout.

Learn about lifestyle factors and get easy-to-use health remedies for relieving chronic stress.

Dementia - now what?

Learn to deal with dementia and the (changing) behaviour of your loved one. Learn to care without overloading yourself. Instead, get a better grip on the situation so the care is more successful.

It's a "do-it-yourself" reading. You can immediately apply everything in your situation. Participants who took the course felt more robust and more balanced. As a result, they are even better able to care for their loved ones.

Prevention of dementia

More info follows soon.

Music and a happy brain

Here you'll hear about the influence of music on the brain, why music can reduce stress, why music is so important in dementia to stimulate the area where music enters and how you can use music to increase the feeling of well-being of the person with dementia.

It will also be a cheerful and "moving" reading.

Happy belly, happy brain

Did you know that you actually have 2 brains?

This lecture is about the influence of food on your brain, your mood, and how you can reduce the risk of dementia by up to 80% with food.

Take care of yourself

If you can't take care of yourself, you can't take care of anyone else. Change your insecure attitude to an "I can do it" attitude. 

What others are saying...

"Enthusiastic, involved, creative and engaging."

Get inspired to care with more happiness, less stress and more energy


Andy Baker
English teacher and author of the book Inspired Student. His mother is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease.

Leila Khan
Author of 101 + Ways to Overcome Life's Biggest Obstacles and CEO of Life is today academy.

Omari Eccleston-Brown
Author of the book The secret to happy homework. He also is a dancer and knows about the benefits of movement for everyone.
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