Comprehensive Dementia Care Training and Coaching - Locally and Online. For:

Struggling to balance work, life, and caregiving responsibilities? Our program, available both online and in-person in the Algarve, is designed specifically for you. Gain practical skills and emotional support to manage your caregiving journey with confidence and compassion.

Chosen caregiving as your profession but feeling the onset of burnout? Discover our tailored training and coaching sessions, accessible wherever you are. We provide the tools and techniques to rejuvenate your passion and enhance your caregiving skills

Are you a doctor, nurse, or therapist seeking an empathetic and effective approach to dementia care? Our comprehensive toolkit, available through online resources and local workshops in Albufeira, offers advanced insights and strategies to enrich your professional practice

Community Volunteers
Providing community-based dementia care and feeling overwhelmed? Our program, designed for both online learning and local engagement, offers the support, guidance, and resources you need to provide effective care without burning out

Empowering Dementia Care: 
Tailored Services for Every Need

Reinvigorated Caregivers

Discover groundbreaking insights and strategies for dementia care in Dr. Naomi's bestselling book. A must-read for every caregiver (also available in Dutch).

Medication Review

Get a professional review of medications for your loved one with dementia by MD (GP) Naomi, ensuring safety and optimal treatment outcomes.

Dementia Care Course

Learn at your own pace with our online on-demand course or join our interactive offline sessions for comprehensive dementia care training.

Facebook Support Group

Join our supportive online community for daily tips, shared experiences, and encouragement from fellow caregivers.

Coaching and Training

Enhance your caregiving skills with our personalized coaching and training sessions, suitable for family caregivers and professionals in care centers alike. Available both online and in-person, our sessions range from one-time workshops to comprehensive series, each designed to provide practical skills and emotional support, tailored to your unique caregiving needs and professional development.

Coaching with Unlimited Support

Discover ongoing one-on-one support with our Extended Coaching Program, including Unlimited Email/WhatsApp access. Get personalized, continuous guidance and resources to make your caregiving journey more manageable and less overwhelming.

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